Aren’t we going backwards?

Someone said:
“Aren’t we going backwards by using reusable menstrual products?”

Well yes we are and there are SO MANY POSITIVE REASONS why more of us should – Not just in regards to menstrual products.

And there are SO MANY NEGATIVE REASONS why creating the disposable culture was a HUGE MISTAKE.

If you think about it… REALLY THINK ABOUT IT…
All the pads and nappies that were made in the last 50 years that contained plastic. Are still in our environment today. Sitting somewhere in some landfill, unless they’ve been incinerated which is another environmental damage all together.

And don’t get me started on how many plastic tampon applicators are in our seas, swallowed by fish and birds… and washing up on our beaches when the sea VOMITS it up for us!

The next time there’s a storm, when it passes, go to the beach. Go for a short walk and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

She further asked, can’t we just use ones that can be thrown away but don’t have plastic? Yes you can. They exist. But it’s important that people know there is choice! And more important that people CHANGE habits and stop thinking that when you throw something away it’s away.


Yes, it’s going back to a time where we weren’t so environmentally destructive, and selfish. When most things were built to last and be used again and again and again. When we weren’t addicted to plastic and “convenience” at the inconvenience of the other creatures we share the planet with. When we didn’t have a “disposable everything can be replaced” – including people kind of culture overall.

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  1. There are lots of reasons I switched to cloth pads.
    1.The environment- obviously. And over time I’ve spent less money on new pads every month.
    2. Less packaging so I don’t sound like I’m ripping open a bag of crisps in the cubicle at work.
    3. Sensitive skin- crotch blisters is a super fun way to discover the disposable pads have changed their manufacturing process!
    4. They are exactly as comfortable as your comfy hideous period panties that you will never throw away.

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