Pink Background Deer  heavy MONSTER washable reusable menstrual period clothpad

Pink Background Deer heavy MONSTER washable reusable menstrual period clothpad

These new additions are a whopping 16 inches long, so you literally have coverage from crack to crack, front to back. They are like a giant cushion. \n \nWith several tiered cores, they are still pretty slim, but they absorb a whole lot! Try one out and have a comfy sleep! \n \nSaving money, reducing your waste, and having a better period experience is now possible with reusable washable cloth pads. Our reusable washable cloth pads are cotton topped, so nice they offer a nice cool feeling, cotton cores, so they are breathable, and poly fleece backed which offer moisture resistance. You have gorgeous prints to choose from and different shapes, that are updated every few weeks so you can build your collection. Fellow menstruators have provided feedback that switching to reusable menstrual products helped them to have a more positive period experience. So well done for being here and having a look at our heavy overnight reusable washable cloth pads! If you find that these are still not absorbent enough, or do not provide enough coverage, reach out to us so we can hook you up with a custom order that suits your needs. It would be a pleasure!


What \n- A single Reusable washable  Heavy+ in our NEW Monster shape with pink background and deer print \n- Cotton top, cotton core, poly fleece back \n- Double Black Plastic vertical snap to close \n \nWhy \n- Less waste \n- Breathable \n- Fun print \n- Easy to clean and easy to dry \n- Comfortable \n- The average, menstruator will use up to 16,800 disposable pads and tampons during their lifetime \n- There are claims that switching to reusable menstrual products helps to reduce menstrual cramps, infections and rashes. \n- Disposable pads use plastics and sometimes ''gels'', that block airflow to your vagina, they usually contain rayon, which is known to be absorbent but also absorbs moisture in your vagina, and sometimes dioxins, artificial fragrances and more which can pose health and reproductive concerns. \n- You save money in the long run if you look after your pads \n- They are gorgeous and really change the relationship you have with your vagina \n \nHow \n \nGive them a gentle wash before the first use. Be mindful of the detergent you use as your pad is going to sit at one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Dry them, you can do this in the sun, on a radiator (mind the snaps), air dry, etc \n \nWhen you are ready to use your pad, snap them into your underwear, stitched side facing up, pull your underwear up, adjust if needed, and you're good to go! I recommend changing every 4/5 hours for hygiene purposes, but if you find that you need to change your pad every 2 hours or less, you might need a pad that offers more absorbency. Our heavy overnight reusable washable cloth pads can still be used for more than the recommended 4/5 hours if you are sleeping. But still be mindful that, although the intended use is for heavy flow or overnight pads, every menstrutor differs! \n \nOnce you have used a pad, there are various ways to clean them, but we recommend a cold soak or a cold rinse as soon as you can! If you are at home, do it immediately, if you are out and about, store the used ones in a small toiletry bag or wet bag, once you get home, you can rinse or soak them in cold water before a was. There are different washing routines and it might take a few tries to work out what is best for you and your lifestyle. Ask questions, we are here to help! \n \nAll pads come with a standard black snap. If you require an extra snap on your pads, be sure to choose the appropriate option. \n \n* Colour might vary ever so slightly due to the settings on your phone or computer screen. \n* As these are handmade, we have done our best to ensure they are constructed to a high standard, however stitching cannot always be perfect, human error is to be expected. \n* Please avoid using fabric conditioners or softeners on your pads, and stay away from bleach! \n* Wash between 40-60 degrees and dry on low heat if you really must use a tumble dryer. You don't want to damage the snaps or the pad! \n* If there are any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us.