canvas fruit and veg bag with poetry printed on it - ugly plastic - medium

Need a clean surface, with a balance of ventilation and an easy carriage bag for your fruits and vegetables? Our medium sized cotton canvas pouch bags are a perfect choice for you!


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“Augustina wrote a poem about our habits and the environment, and each time I have read it to people or performed it, the part that seems to catch people is the following quote, ‘’The seas are seasick, they constantly vomit ugly plastic’’.

Carrying one of these pouches has been a great conversation starter, and usually gets people to stop and reflect as they pass her stall. You can also start the conversation and send a message in a simple way using one of our canvas bags.

We want to spend our money on products that are long-lasting and that can serve multiple purposes.

Our reusable Cotton canvas pouch has an added touch of aesthetic beauty to remind you that the seas are sick and we need to protect them from plastic, by doing better and using non-plastic products. As you carry our pouch around, you are doing the universe a favour and also educating everyone who gets to read the beautiful reminder inscribed on it.
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Dimensions 12 × 9 in


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