”The entire earth is a place of worship, worship wherever you find yourself.” One of my favourite quotes.

Personal beliefs aside, we generally treat places of worship and those we share it with like a sanctuary, and with respect.


At We Live Our values, we love talking about reusable menstrual products, normalising menstruation, and the environment.


Part of my belief is that everything is indeed… connected. We are all accountable for what we do on this earth, and what we leave behind. SO, if we claim to value something, it is important that we live by our values and reflect it in our actions.


In this day and age it can be tricky to be conscious about our waste, and it seems almost impossible to be completely waste free. Although ”Zero waste”, is the ultimate idealistic goal… I prefer to use the term ”Less waste” as it is less overwhelming, and easier to pick a starting point.


For some of us, it’s just not possible at the moment to cut out everything at once. It can be overwhelming and heavy when we think about the environment, and our impact on it. This then results in people having an all or nothing mentality which can actually do more harm than good. Conversations, with love, warmth and encouragement are important, and that is where my main focus has and is on.


Balance is also important, and sometimes we need to be mindful about having a balanced approach whist we embark on this life long mission of restoring the earths natural balance. Everything starts with the intention and when they are strong enough, and good enough, they reach those who are willing enough, and open enough to receiving enough to start doing… enough…?


“Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.”


Small and consistent where you can see your progress, is better than large and inconsistent where you feel overwhelmed to the point that you don’t even attempt to change your ways and your mentality and attitude towards your waste.


With sincerity, informed choices and taking the first steps, you’ll naturally want to do more and you will actually do more in the long run. We can all produce less, use less, contribute less and do better.


Therefore, we can all make daily decisions that reduce our impact whilst helping our environment. .


You may be just 1 person, but 1 match-stick can make a whole forest fire. Let me tell you, you’re doing great by being here and I thank you!


I wish us all strength, patience, love, compassion and understanding ❤


Your body, Our world.
Let’s try to be better caretakers.


With love and from love,

We live our values


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Your Body, Our World.

We love our bodies, we want you to love yours unreservedly too.